Do what you love?


Sometimes I wonder if I made the wrong choice.


I love what I do but…

It’s also what’s killing me.

I can’t image doing anything else.

It’s what I’ve wanted to do ever since a little girl.

Caring for animals is all I know, it’s my passion, it’s my dream.

But at the same time, when did it become this?


To me, on most days, being a veterinarian means…

Giving myself a pep talk, telling myself I can do this,

I am smart, I know this, and I can do it.

While at the same time feeling like I’m constantly giving it everything I have,

and yet it’s not enough.

It’s never enough.

How much more do I have to give?

How much more can I give?


Do what you love they say.

But what happens when what you love is what’s killing you?



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