Boiling Point

You ever feel like you’re just going to explode? Like you’ve just reached your limits? When you are giving everything you have and yet nothing is what you thought?

I feel like I am working so hard yet I am going no where. I can’t keep this up, yet what other choice do I have? I keep telling myself it’ll all be worth it, but when? How many more years can I keep telling myself that?

Sometimes I do boil over, sometimes I need to let it out. But I can’t, not fully. I finally screamed at my husband that I’m not writing them back, not today. I know where he is coming from, I get it. It’s just a quick e-mail then you won’t have to worry about it anymore. But when do the e-mails stop? When does my time begin?

What about when I told everyone I would be gone for a week? Did they respect me then? No. How am I supposed to survive? How am I supposed to relax? When does my time begin?

When I get home from a long day of work or am busy at a conference, should I be expected to still be “on” when I get home? Say I am. For how long? So when I work a 10 hour shift with an hour plus commute each way, should I then be expected to come home and answer e-mails? What about dinner? Can I eat too?

It’s always something, for someone. One quick e-mail? Maybe, but at what cost?


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