Trying to Relax but Worried about Money

I allowed myself to have a nice relaxing day yesterday. I watched  TV, walked the dogs, and did yoga. I was still able to accomplish some small things around the house, but for the most part I granted myself a day off from housework and studying. I really needed a day to relax. I wish I could have enjoyed it more but, unfortunately, all I could focus on was our money concerns; the ones I wrote about in More Debt Please. I still enjoyed my day off only I had this cloud of depression, worry and fear that went along with it. I had told my work that I would start the courses for my certification by next month, but it’s a lot of money so I’m worried we won’t have it. I just felt they were getting sick of waiting for me to get started and that I needed to give them an answer. I wouldn’t be so worried about the money for the courses if we could do payments or if it was spaced out in any way, but instead it’s a lump sum due right away. The problem is, it’s our entire savings. I know we will be able to build our savings up again, and this course should pay for itself within the next year, but it’s going to be a very close month. My husband did remind me of a little extra money we have tucked away which did make me feel a little better but still worried. I do wish he had reminded me of this money earlier, though, so I wouldn’t have been so stressed and depressed all day; but he was working hard and had some late meetings. Even with the extra worries, I at least feel much more refreshed after yesterday. Plus I went to bed earlier than usual so that’s great as well. To be fair I sort of had to go to bed earlier because the power was out, but it still counts!


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