Forgetting all my worries in the rain

The rain has been so beautiful lately, so refreshing. I love listening to it hit the windows and I even enjoy going out on a walk in it. My poor dog, on the other hand, hates both of these things. While listening to him growl at rain did take away some of the tranquility of the moment, I still love him. Besides that though, it has been very rejuvenating. There is just something so fun and peaceful about going for a walk in the rain. As if all of your fears and worries disappear and get washed away. It’s one of the rare times when I can honestly say I’m truly relaxed. About one of the only times I’m living in the moment and taking in everything around me instead of living in constant worry. Worrying about what I’m going to do next or things I wish I had done differently. Instead I just walk and listen. Listen to the splashes and the pitter-patter of the drops. I wish it rained here more often, but perhaps if it did I wouldn’t appreciate it as much as I do now.


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