More Debt Please

I am feeling very stressed and guilty. I am worried I am putting us in financial danger. I have been working toward one of my certifications for the past year and putting our money towards coursework. The problem is my new job is wanting me to get a second certification at the same time. They hired me on the assumption that I would get this second certification as well, and that I would be willing to pay for it myself. At this point since they are helping me finish my first certification I don’t really feel in a position to negotiate, especially since I have been looking for a place willing to help me with this process for a while now.  I just need to get my foot in the door. It’s difficult, though, since I have already put our extra money towards the first certification. So we aren’t really in a position to do more. However, if I don’t do the second additional certification then I’ll lose the job I do have. I believe it will be a great investment for my future career, but it’s just really difficult for us right now. I feel like over the years all I’ve done is waste our money. I am in unbelievable student loan debt and now I’m using the money we finally are making on extra certifications. I just hope this will make me happy and finally get me in the right direction; otherwise, I’m going to feel like the biggest failure ever. My husband works so hard to provide for us and I feel so guilty about using our hard earned money. He has continued to try and comfort me, letting me know he just wants me to be happy and has no problem investing in me and my happiness. I love him so much and I don’t want to let him down. I hate putting us through this. I just pray it’ll all work out in the end and be worth it. We just need to continue believing in Him and trusting that He will get us through.


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