Lucky Wife

I continue to find myself feeling very blessed being with my husband. The longer we’ve been married the more I love him. Of course he has his faults, but he also has his strengths. I have been worried about him lately, though. Mostly because I have been working more. Back when I was in school, I was never home and he only worked part-time seasonally. This meant he was doing all of the housework. Then, when I finished school he entered his own program and was busy doing that while I worked and did the housework. Now he is working full-time and I am working part-time, however, with my drive it feels more like full-time as well. Since we are both busy this is our first time having to really share the responsibilities of chores. I have been very worried that it would be too much for him to try and help me when he gets home from work. Instead he has been incredibly supportive and tries very hard to help out in any way he can. I love the team that we can be together, it’s something I never would have even imagined. I feel our marriage is very different than anyone else in my family and it makes me feel so lucky. I love that we can share in the housework instead of being expected to do it myself just because I am a woman. I feel as if I can accomplish my own dreams and desires when I’m with him. I just feel very blessed and supported. I can’t image having to live any other way or with any other person, I am very lucky.


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