Can’t they just be happy for me?

Well I survived another evening with my parents, so that’s always good. The best part is, it wasn’t even that bad! I say that, only because I always assume the worst. I was extremely worried they would bring up politics but luckily that wasn’t the case. I was absolutely sure they would so I’m incredibly glad I was wrong because it would have completely ruined the evening, hundred percent. I was also surprised that they didn’t push too hard about the family trip we’re not going on with them. Of course, that doesn’t mean we missed out completely. They did make sure to let us know how disappointed they are that we’re not going, but at least it was only a little guilt trip instead of having to hear about it for hours. They are just going to have to get over it though. It doesn’t matter how many times they mention there is an extra bed, we are not going. Besides all of that getting me worked up, it was pretty typical. Just a lot of penetrating questions about my job. How many hours I work, specific locations, exact duties, etc. It only bothers me because I never feel like they are asking because they are happy for me. I never hear, “oh that’s so great” or “we’re so happy for you.” Instead I hear more of them trying to discourage me from working. I honestly feel they are happier and more proud of me when I’m not working, which is difficult for me to understand. I just wish they would be more concerned about my happiness instead, even if that means I’m not doing what they had hoped for me. I worked very hard to get where I am today, but they seem less than impressed. I feel like deep down, no matter who you are, you want your parents to be proud/impressed of what you have accomplished. I just wish I felt that from them. I know how proud they are of my brothers, but instead all they do to me is push me to be a mother instead. Maybe one day I will be, but as for now can’t you just be happy that I’m making the most out of life? I guess not. I just need to focus on doing what make me happy and realize that I will probably always be a disappointment to them. Unfortunately, I need to just accept the fact and move on. I’ve come this far, I’m not going to stop now.


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