Millennial with no Social Media Skills

I have been trying to spend more time on my blog lately and it’s been a lot of fun. However, with work it can sometimes get a little stressful as well. You know, just having one more thing to do when you get home. Most recently I have been working on my social media influence. Because of the way I write about my family, I can’t exactly promote my blog to friends! I have to admit, though, I am pretty terrible at social media. Honestly, my lack of social media skills is quite embarrassing for my age. It should be second nature to me but I just never really got into it. I feel all of my friends rely on these platforms just to live their own personal daily lives yet I have no idea how to even work them. Previously I had no desire to learn, but with my attempt to better promote my blog I now have a reason to actually learn about the different types of social media and how to use them. One of the hardest things I’ve had to figure out is images, which I am obviously still trying to sort through, but I’m having a lot of fun learning. Even if my blog goes no where, at least I have this new hobby to learn and enjoy myself. Thank you for bearing with me as I figure all of this out an please feel free to help with any useful tips!


7 thoughts on “Millennial with no Social Media Skills

  1. codeinfig says:

    social media platforms are constantly changing things around. you get good with them simply by using them a lot.

    social media isnt everything– i used it, i dont now (except forums and wordpress for the most part.) while social education platforms are something im potentially excited about, i dont bother with twitter, facebook, pinterest, (instagram?) youve been blogging since what, august? and youve got 47 followers. you post with incredible regularity– youre doing a stellar job with this.


    • Journaling Travels says:

      Thank you very much! Yes, I am still very new! It’s so true that social media is always changing on us, and honestly I don’t think I’m utilizing wordpress enough. So that’s an area I need to expand upon. Well thank you for the kind words, it’s always nice to hear that I’m doing something right!

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  2. 20talk says:

    I find this totally relatable. I used to be horrible with social media, and all my friends thought it was crazy that I didn’t really use it. With a little practice and time, it all gets a little less confusing and easier.

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    • Journaling Travels says:

      Thank you, I’m glad I’m not the only one! I do feel I’ve already gotten so much better at it, but am still terrible haha. I’ll get there, I hope! Like you said, I just need to spend a little more time with it.


  3. generationtrygirl says:

    Pinterest is great for non-direct to family/friends promo. Also starting a new twitter account/insta and following/commenting on people’s things in your niche. I just started my blog but I intend to do a lot of talking on social media strategy there (it’s my real-life job haha!) check it out and follow if you’d like to learn more!


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