You want to learn from me?

I am finally starting to feel a little relieved because my second day at my new job went just as well as the first. This gives me hope. After my last job I was so burnt out even the thought of going back to work terrified me. Hopefully with my new job I can start relaxing a little more. I have been having near panic attacks because I have been so afraid this new job would end up similar to my last. Now the only thing I am worried about is not living up to their exceptions. Which is at least a more normal fear. The people I work with are much more senior than I am, experience wise not necessarily age. I have very little experience, however, I have more training in the field. The problem is, while I have studied the field further I haven’t actually practiced it at all. I am just worried because they have already stated several times that they are looking to learn from me. While that is very exciting, it also terrifies me since I haven’t actually practiced any of the techniques I’ve learned yet. What if I have difficulty transitioning my book knowledge into practical skills. I hope as I get into the techniques, and really start using them, I will feel much more confident.


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