My Pathetic attempt at Kegels

I attempted to do Kegel exercises for the first time the other day. I have owned Ben Wa balls for years now but have never gotten around to using them. I thought I’d finally give it a shot. I started with only one ball while lying down but I couldn’t tell if I was doing it right. So I thought I’d try sitting up to see if I could feel a difference. Well seeing that I have been getting over a cold recently, I of course coughed as soon as I sat up. This led to the ball coming right out. Okay, time to try again. So I insert the ball back in, but this time things felt different. I figured I’d stand up while attempting to hold them in place to make sure I had the correct muscle group. I was able to easily stand up and even walk around the room while holding them in place. Being that this was my first time ever doing Kegal exercises, it felt way too easy. I figured there was no way it should be this easy so I tried relaxing in order to release the ball and start over. Problem was when I relaxed nothing happened and the ball actually stayed in place. As I went to retrieve the ball, I found the problem. No wonder it was so easy to walk around without losing hold of it. The ball was stuck on my birth control ring. I could barely get it out without removing my ring along with it. Well, I guess now I know for next time.


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