Finding our Rhythm

Last night was a good night, especially since I am finally starting to feel better. Since our lives have been changing so much lately (moving, new jobs, etc.) we have been struggling to get into a good rhythm, sexually or otherwise. There always seems to be something in the way such as work, illness, etc. Last week I was on my period which created some timing issues and then I was sick all this week. While I’m not completely feeling better, I was at least feeling up for sex again. It’s just hard because when it’s been awhile since we last had some quality sex, I tend to put too much pressure on it to be perfect. This is a huge problem because I tend to get thrown/turned off if things aren’t going as I had fantasized. Last night I kept getting frustrated because things weren’t going as I had hoped, making me worried sex wasn’t even going to happen anymore. I am glad that my husband stuck with me after I apologized and explained the unnecessary pressure I was putting on us to make things perfect. He always finds a way to get me out of my head, which can be a difficult task for me. It also just happened to work out that I was wearing my hair down last night. I usually wear my hair up but luckily not this time. I swear, there is nothing sexier than a man running his hands through your hair as he kisses you. Really any time he puts his hand through my hair is a tremendous turn on. It gets me going every time, mostly because it helps me relax which I also really struggle with. Sex itself was amazing as well. It also helped that we used that frustration to our advantage for some very hot love making. I wish I wouldn’t put so much pressure on us all the time but I am also so glad to be with a man that can help save me from myself.


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