Woman Problems

Lately, I have been working on storage solutions for our apartment since slightly downsizing. I am very excited about what we have been able to accomplish in our new smaller place. I know this may seem strange, but there is one group of items in particular that I am really excited about. I recently bought new bins to keep/organize my pads and tampons. The reason why I am so excited about them is because I have been wanting a solution like this for years, something that made them easily accessible. Growing up I had always shared a bathroom with my brothers so until I moved out, I was never allowed to keep these items in the bathroom. I had to hide them in my room and hope I would remember to grab what I needed before going to the restroom. Which could be annoying at times for someone like myself with heavy, irregular cycles. I also had to be sure to hide these items on my way to the bathroom. My brothers made sure of this because they thought it was disgusting and they didn’t want to know if/when I was on my period. They wouldn’t even allow these items to be under the sick in the bathroom because they didn’t want to see them; even the sight of them disgusted my brothers. Apparently my parents agreed with them and so my only option was to keep them in my bedroom closet. I am a woman, I get my period. What am I supposed to do about it? It’s not like I was choosing to be on my period or choosing to be in pain and bleed. While I am so thankful to even have access to proper feminine hygiene, it was also hard growing up feeling like you were a disgusting woman who needed to keep her items/problems hidden. It has taken me years to offset this mind set and I am only now starting to feel comfortable. So while having easily accessible feminine hygiene products in my bathroom might not sound all that exciting, I am in fact thrilled about my new bins for them.


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