Smoking in a Non-Smoking? Seriously?

I just need to vent. I was so excited to watch a new show last night. I got cuddled up on the couch with a blanket in my pajamas and then the fire alarm went off. My poor dogs were going crazy and barking as we tried to put their leashes on, meanwhile, I’m trying to get ready as well. I threw a jacket and some shoes on and headed out the door with the dogs and my husband. Sick and in my pajamas. The alarms eventually stopped as the fire truck arrived to give the all clear. Our complex sent out a text message to let us know we were cleared and reminding us that this is a non-smoking complex. Leading us to believe someone was smoking and set off the alarms throughout the complex with multiple buildings involved. I just wanted to relax on the couch and get better, but no you had to have your cigarette. While I understand it is an addiction and not every smoker is selfish, I was very upset by this one smokers actions. I don’t know if it was a guest or a tenant but if it was a tenant, then don’t live in a non-smoking complex if it’s going to be a problem. Or just take it outside the complex, it’s not that cold outside where we live. I’m not sure what they did to set the fire alarms off but my husband thought he smelled fire/smoke; I am so stuffed up from my cold that I really couldn’t say. It just frustrated me that all of our lives were affected, although only in a small way, by this one persons cigarette break. Sorry but I needed to vent.


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