New Job for the New Year

New year, new job. I’m still working a couple times a month with the non-profit I’ve been with, but this week I’ll be starting another job as well. It’s completely different work and something I’ve studied but never actually done. I’m very excited because it will allow me to finish my certification while being trained. Of course I am also very nervous. They are willing to teach me but also want me to jump right in, which is the part I’m worried about. They seem very relaxed so that’s good but I’m worried I’ll be too slow at first because I’ve never actually done this before. I hope everything goes well. My first day won’t be for a couple more days, but I want to try and spend this time studying so I feel a little more comfortable. It’s just hard because they are pretty busy and every day is different so there is only so much I can prepare. I need to not stress or worry so much though. I mean worse comes to worse it doesn’t work out and I’m in the same position I was a month ago, not the end of the world! I just need to jump in and embrace this chance I have.


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