New Year, Same Crap

Last night was fun but quiet. We started off by watching a movie and then riding our new bikes down to the beach to watch the fireworks. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed riding our bikes. It’s been a long time since I have ridden a real bike, not just the machine at the gym. Of course being New Year’s Eve we went to bed late, which wouldn’t be a problem except we were supposed to drive to my in-laws for lunch today. Meaning we’d have to wake up by 8:00 am so we could get ready to hit the road. Neither one of us were wanting to go but it’s better than hearing the complaints about not spending enough time with my brother-in-law, who only takes the time to see us when it’s convenient for him. So the only reason why we were going was to see him again since he makes such a big deal about not seeing his brother enough. They sort of offered to come here since we just drove out there last Monday but basically told us it’d be easier for them if we went there. Well ya and it’d be a lot easier on us if you came out here, but whatever. Well at least with us going there we could sort of leave when we wanted unlike when my brother-in-law comes here and we can’t get him to leave, even after telling him to go. Doesn’t matter though because as we were heading out the door this morning we received a phone call that my in-laws were still sick and that they no longer want us to come out there. They thought they’d be feeling better by now but aren’t. Instead my brother-in-law, who is the only one not sick, wanted to drive here to see us. I was frustrated with the last minute notice, letting us know as we were already headed out the door. This was especially frustrating because we hadn’t prepared our place for guests and since we were already planning on heading out there I had stayed up even later last night to cook a meal for my brother and his family, the one that just had the baby. Since my brother-in-law was now coming out here instead I had to cancel with my family and they would no longer be getting their meal, luckily I hadn’t mentioned the meal to them. Feeling very frustrated we worked hard on making lunch at our place for my brother-in-law and desperately cleaning up from the holiday’s. We ate lunch then played a board game which ended in disaster. I was so frustrated with my brother-in-law that I had to leave and go to my room for a break, making me just appear as a sore loser. In reality I was frustrated that their family is so competitive that it no longer makes the game fun. I can’t really explain it because they aren’t mean about it but it got to the point were I was very frustrated after the game and felt very annoyed by words that were being said. Now it’s been the whole day and guess what, he’s still here! Surprise surprise. My husband and his brother wound up going to the movies after dinner which I decided to just go home instead. My brother-in-law wanted me to go to the movies with them but honestly I didn’t want to pay to see a movie I don’t even care about. I just hope that he goes home shortly after the movies. Last time he stayed so late he ended up even walking the dogs with us. I just wanted that time to relax and decompress after his visit to talk with my husband. So I hope that doesn’t happen again today. He never seems to care that we have things to do the next day. I know my husband has tomorrow off but I have a phone interview. I’d like to be relaxed and prepared, instead of stressed and irritated. Just feeling very frustrated. So far the New Year is starting off strong with the same old, same old crap.


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