Feeling in the way

This week has been filled with stress and hurt. Since we both have the week off I was hoping we could have fun and hang out, but my husband isn’t interested in any of that. Initially he was too tired which then morphed into too stressed. He said he didn’t want to make any decisions so I presented ideas of things we could do that I thought would be fun. I guess he didn’t think they were fun and instead the idea of vacationing only stressed him out. He said he just wants to stay home and do nothing. I let him know that we can do whatever he wants, but that didn’t solve any of our problems. He has continued to be stressed because his brother wants to come and hang out with him sometime this week even though we already made a trip there to see him a couple of days ago. Perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad if his brother didn’t always overstay his welcome and expect us to feed and entertain him while he’s here. Then the next week my husband’s friend wants to come out as well. I have been trying to help him plan these visits but feel that I am getting the brunt of it because I’m the one “planning it.” Personally I don’t care if they come or not so don’t get mad at me for stressing you out. All I’m trying to do is help. I have just been feeling very hurt lately because all I want is for him to be happy but I feel he has continued to be rude to me and hurt my feelings all week. He tries apologizing but often there are many hurtful things said that go unaddressed plus it just happens all over again the next day. Yesterday left me in tears, unable to be around him. All I wanted to do was curl up underneath the bed and cry. Somewhere he’d never find me so I’d finally feel out of the way.


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