Learning to respect myself

As I try to figure out my work schedule for next year, I find myself reflecting on what I have learned over the last year. Things like what makes me happy, what is reasonable, and what work-life balance means to me. In my field we are initially taught that work-life balance doesn’t exist. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the wrong field. As suicide rates have continued to increase, more and more people are speaking out about changes that need to be made in our field. For me I found myself hating my occupation immediately upon graduation and feeling very lost. When we moved for my husband’s job I decided to take a step back, take some time off, and reflect. Now that I have started working again, I realize I want to work less hours and have been very picky in which jobs I am willing to do. While stepping back and reflecting was very helpful, I can honestly say I’ve learned the most by looking at my husband’s job. I will never have the same environment he does, and honestly he really has the dream job, but it has shown me a lot about respect. Respect for yourself, your employees, your industry, etc. It has shown me that some of the things I am looking for shouldn’t be impossible but should instead almost be mandatory. While I am still looking for my perfect job, I feel much more confident in myself and my worth. It is okay to desire a proper work-life balance and to take care of myself, and maybe one day I’ll be able to find a place that allows me to do those things while working full time.


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