Sorry but I don’t have baby fever

Everyone wants/expects me to be so excited about my newborn niece, or babies in general. I am very excited, but I am excited for them and their family. Personally I don’t need to hold the baby. I have no problem holding her and she is very cute but I don’t feel an urge that I must hold her. Honestly, I get more excited about puppies and maybe it’s because we usually play with them when they are already several weeks old. A newborn just sleeps and can’t really do much more. It’s not that I don’t love babies but again I don’t have that desire that I must hold them to be happy and fulfilled while around them. Perhaps I will feel differently when I’m ready to start having kids but I kind of doubt it. Again I am very excited for my brother and his family and I love my niece very much, but I don’t think I have the same feelings or baby fever that my family expects of me being a married women in my late twenties.


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