Visiting my Brother

I thought Christmas yesterday was going to be less stressful this year than it was. I was hoping to relax with my husband but instead we were cooking all day. Our plan was to visit our families sometime mid-week but my brother told us yesterday that he could only do today or Friday. I just wish he had mentioned this earlier when I had brought up visiting Tuesday – Thursday, but to be fair he has a lot going on right now. We figured today would be better than Friday so that we can have it done with and relax the rest of the week, but that didn’t leave us with a lot of time to cook. We were planning on bringing them several home cooked meals since they just had their second baby a few days ago, unfortunately we didn’t have enough time. We made soup and homemade bread but couldn’t do much more because we didn’t have enough ingredients to make anything else and the stores had already closed for Christmas. I’m sure it’s the thought that counts and at least we’re not coming empty handed but since we didn’t come to see them in the hospital I was hoping to do more. We ended up ordering and paying for their lunch today as well so that makes me feel a little better. I shouldn’t worry so much about it though, or try so hard, because I can’t imagine them coming to visit me when we have kids. Maybe I’ll be surprised but I highly doubt it. I mean they didn’t come to my graduation for my doctorate and they always ask me to come to them when they need a favor, so I don’t have very high expectations. It’s just hard because they expect so much out of me yet I don’t get the same effort in return. I just try to remind myself that I am a good person because I want to be, not because I’ll be getting anything in return.


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