Holiday Stress

Well yesterday was terrible, basically spent Christmas Eve fighting with my husband the whole day. I feel bad for him but at the same time I was getting very frustrated myself. He has been exhausted and has been pushing himself hard at work all week. I know he hasn’t been getting enough sleep and has barely recovered from being sick the week before. I have been trying to encourage him to get more sleep but he has been so stressed from work that it’s hard. I felt it all came together as the perfect storm yesterday. I have been stressed as well about my family and was needing his support but he was very short and uninterested all day. I was so mad that I tried to give him lots of space and time to relax and recover but wound up leaving myself frustrated instead. I was looking for support and wanting to relax and enjoy Christmas Eve with him but that just didn’t happen. He tried to make up for it later but it was too late to do anything at that point. After getting more sleep last night, we have had a much better day today but the stress of family has been a bit much to handle. Now he’s taking a nap and we have plans to see my family tomorrow. I just hope things go well. If traffic isn’t too bad and we can get out there tomorrow then at least it’ll be over with and hopefully we can spend the rest of the week relaxing together.


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