Disappointed with Christmas

I love Christmas but each year feels more and more disappointing. This year we already had to cancel our Christmas party and we didn’t have enough time to do our usual holiday baking because we were both sick. Also we don’t have any presents under the tree this year either. I feel like my family is keeping them hostage at their place to force us to visit them. Honestly, we don’t need gifts anyway but I don’t like the idea of forcing us home with a bribe of gifts. We should be spending time with them because we want to, not because we feel obligated. Plus now with my brother’s new baby, things have only gotten more complicated. My brother and his family were planning on doing Christmas at my parents house today and we were going to try and make it if traffic wasn’t too bad but since they had the baby early I called my mom to see if it was canceled. Instead all this did was lead my mom to harass my brother telling him that I was wanting to know the plan and needed to know what was going on. I didn’t bother him for a reason, they should be resting. So for my mom to harass him in my name was very upsetting. All I wanted to know was if today was canceled, seemed like a simple innocent question to me but nothing is ever that simple when it comes to my family. I’m just going to plan on seeing them next week and if that doesn’t work for them then okay. All I want is for them to be happy and for them to allow me be happy as well, even if that doesn’t include all of us being together.


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