Another Bundle of Joy

I received a text message last night that my sister-in-law went into labor. She is about two weeks early, but they were expecting her to be a little early because of everything that has been going on during her pregnancy. While I am very happy for them, this also puts us into a little bit of a pickle. We weren’t planning on coming home for Christmas and I figured since she’ll have the newborn that they too would be canceling, however, I’m not sure that’s the case. I know if I just had a baby I would want some time to recover before seeing everyone so we figured since my husband has the week off after Christmas, that we’d go and visit her at that time instead of during the holidays. Well my brother sent a big group text about being able to see them around 2 am this morning. It could have just been the urgency with which he was writing but it came across as if we were supposed to be rushing to the hospital to see them. Maybe that’s just what they anticipate people doing, not they that’s what they are wanting but I don’t know. It made me feel like a bad person for wanting to wait several days before visiting. Who knows, maybe they are just wanting to get visiting over with all at once so they can relax later. Again, I don’t know. Well we can’t just stop everything and drive out there, my husband has work and Christmas is this weekend. I’m just going to take each day at a time and see how things unfold. The last thing I want to do is inconvenience them but at the same time I’m not going to inconvenience myself either when I could just see them in a couple of days instead. Again we’ll see what happens and I’m sure it’ll work itself out but this has left me feeling anxious. I just don’t want to upset my family, yet no matter what I do seems to upset them anyway.


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