Bored Pooch

It has been a rough two weeks for my Labrador, as well as my husband but obviously I’m going to focus on my beautiful lab right now. The first week I was out of town so she had to be in her crate while my husband was at work all day and then when I got back we were sick the next week. This poor girl just wants to run around and play. We’ve been doing our best to give her attention and walk her, but I’ll admit it’s been less than her usual amount. Our Terrier on the other hand hasn’t even seemed to notice. He loves to curl up with us and sleep all day so being sick on the couch seemed to work out just fine for him. I know our lab enjoys being lazy with us too, as she is currently curled onto my leg, but she needs to release her energy as well. Hopefully, as we regain our energy we can help release some of hers. Although I know she was bored while we were sick I just love that she was always so sweet about getting her attention. I love her so much and could just look at that face all day! Even if it is whining at me to play fetch.


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