Competing for Attention

Well I spoke with my mom today to confirm that we need to cancel the early Christmas we were planning with them and my grandma. I’m glad I was feeling better today, because otherwise I don’t think I would’ve had the energy for our conversation. I was just frustrated because I have been very sick all week. I have barely been able to eat for the last several days and on my worst day I lost 2.5 lb, in a day! I have been having severe abdominal pain and nausea causing me to visit urgent care and I am finally feeling better with some anti-nausea medications and time. I was frustrated with my mom because as I was telling her about how sick I have been, she instead turned the conversation to my niece who apparently was also sick this week. I am very sorry that she was also sick but can’t you just listen and sympathize? She did this the other day as well when my husband called to let them know ahead of time that we may need to cancel. She later text me with what I felt was a slap in the face message about my niece being sick. It came off as, I don’t have time for you because she is more important. Okay? I wasn’t asking for your time, we just wanted to give you a quick heads up. I always feel like I have to compete for her attention, which is pointless because it will always go to my brothers and their children. I am just glad I was finally starting to feel better today because after how weak and tired I’ve been, the last thing I needed was to feel emotionally empty as well. At least I have had my amazing and wonderful husband here to take care of me and love me, I would be so lost without him.


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