Ruined Party

This week has been awful. My husband has had the flu while I’ve had food poisoning. I am just so disappointed because we were going to have a Christmas party at our place with friends tomorrow but we had to cancel. We are both finally starting to feel better today, after a visit to the urgent care for me yesterday, but we don’t want to get anyone else sick. Especially since now we don’t have enough time to clean and properly sanitize our place before inviting guests over. I have been wanting to have a Christmas party for years. It is my favorite holiday and this was the first year we were actually able to plan something. We even bought all of the supplies for cooking/baking already, and I bought an awesome new Christmas sweater! I wish we could just reschedule but with the holidays fast approaching I don’t really see that happening. I guess there is always next year but I am really sad. I know it was the right choice, again we really don’t want to spread our misfortune, but it makes me want to cry. Every year my family would have a big pre-Christmas party gathering with my now sister-in-laws family for food, baking and games. It was my favorite part of the holidays, but is now just another event I am no longer invited to. I felt this was finally my chance to start a new tradition and heal old wounds but I guess I was wrong.


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