Food Poisoning

I try to blog everyday but I missed yesterday. I woke up with severe abdominal cramps and feeling very nauseous. I was trying to power through because I had three appointments but obviously that wasn’t going to happen. I have had Norovirus before but this was very different. When I had noro it came on suddenly and violently but was also gone pretty quickly. This was very different. I felt something might be wrong two days ago because my stomach felt very tight but otherwise I felt fine so I wasn’t sure what it was. Then yesterday it came on hard and never went away. I was sick the entire day and was worried I wouldn’t feel any better today. I was relieved to wake up this morning feeling much better. My stomach still hurts and I still feel very weak but nothing like the other day. Yesterday it felt like my intestines, stomach, and diaphragm were in spasm and like someone was stabbing me in the gut. I was having severe abdominal cramps. I also had a fever and was hungry but too nauseous to eat, then when I did eat small bites it made me feel so sick and like it was just sitting in my stomach without moving through. Which only led to vomiting. I have never felt as sick as I did yesterday. I have no idea where I could’ve gotten food poisoning from but I never want to experience that again. I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone.


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