Change of Heart

Well today has been a little confusing. Before I left for my trip I was pretty set on taking a job that was hours away, but after talking with my husband today I think I’m going to turn it down. My husband fully supports whatever decision I make and is more than happy with me taking the job if it would make me happy. It’s hard though, because the dogs would probably stay with him and I would be gone four days of the week. I already feel like I missed out on 4 years of life and marriage because I was so busy in school that now I want to spend as much time with them as possible. It’s one thing if it was temporary, but they want a year commitment which I don’t feel I can give. Maybe I would work there a year but I don’t want to have to commit to a year living apart from my husband and dogs if something better was to come along. In my state we don’t really do time commitments in contracts and they’ve even admitted that legally they can’t hold me to it but still. They said they’d give me a 3 month grace period to try it out but I would want them to know I can’t commit to a year meaning they will probably pull the offer. It’s just if I ended up leaving before the year was up, I feel I’d be leaving on bad terms with them which is never a good thing. Plus, I just wouldn’t feel right using them for 3 months to then just walk away; I mean it’s a non-profit for goodness sake. Who knows maybe they won’t pull the offer but I bet they will. That’s okay, something else will work out. I just need to keep on waiting.


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