Don’t let Anxiety get in the Way

While my training session has continued to turn out better than I had even hoped, I was frustrated last night after heading back to my hotel to relax only to become stressed out again.  First my mom text me letting me know she’s thinking of me and hoping I’m having a good time. Innocent enough right? The thing is, she is only writing to make sure I arrived safe. Which is ridiculous because my husband would know something was wrong if he didn’t hear from me so I don’t need her watching out for me. Then I had to send an e-mail with questions to a potential employer which was stressful as well. Now I’m incredibly nervous awaiting for the response as well as what to expect from my next day of training. It’s hard because even though I want to work and enjoy it, sometimes I feel with my anxiety it’d be easier not to work. I need to take a deep breath and live each day at a time while remembering that I am able and capable of doing my job. I enjoy doing it so I don’t want to let anxiety get in the way.


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