Emotional Whirlwind

I’m not quite sure how I feel after yesterday. I have a lot of emotions running through my head right now which have left me in a state of ambivalence. I started my day off by being nervous about a phone call I was expecting in the afternoon from a potential employer. Then I was nervous/excited because I received an e-mail with my schedule for my training session I’ll be going to next week. This was followed by another e-mail about what I need to accomplish in order to finish my certification which made me feel anxious to get started. Then back to nervous/terrified awaiting the phone call which led to excitement, as well as worry and fear of the unknown, after finding out they are offering me a position. Unfortunately, this was only followed by anger after a failed attempt to make Christmas plans with my family. I was desperately hoping to get back to excited and celebrate the job offer with my husband when he got home, but I was left depressed after finding out he’d be working late. I became apathetic in an attempt to relax only to be interrupted by confusion from text messages from work about my upcoming schedule which were followed by text messages from my dad which only left me angry. Now I feel neutral; not sure how to feel or what to focus on. I would say the excitement of the job offer, however, this is the job in which I’d be living apart from my husband half the week so again I’m not sure what to think. Hopefully time will work some of these feelings out, but in the meantime I’ll be leaving soon for my training session. I’ll miss my husband and pups but I think the break will be really good for me.


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