Missing Saucers

The last couple of days have been much more relaxing. I was finally able to slow down and get things done around the house. We decorated the Christmas tree and the apartment so that helped to alleviate the stress from the mess that was happening. Plus last night my husband helped out, as he often does, by cleaning a lot of the dishes left over from cooking Thanksgiving dinner. We were also able to donate a few boxes of stuff which was helpful to get out of our place as well. So the apartment is finally starting to come together. Only problem is I can’t find our Christmas plates. We have four saucers that match some jumbo mugs we have and I absolutely love them. I have no idea where they could be. We have the mugs so I would’ve thought we would have unpacked the saucers if we saw them as well. I just assumed they’d be in a Christmas box but nope they weren’t there either. Of course this bothers me because I love them and we’ve moved so much in the last year that I wonder if they have some how disappeared; but what really bothers me is we were just at my parents house going through boxes and I didn’t know I needed to be looking for them. So now our table only looks half decorated without the plates for the mugs and I am constantly trying to figure out where they could possibly be. I can’t imagine having to drive all the way back to my parents house to look for them. I don’t know, I just don’t see that happening. I hope they turn up eventually but if not I need to just keep reminding myself that they are only objects and not worth getting worked up over.


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