Long Day

Well our place officially looks like a disaster. There is a mess in the kitchen left over from Thanksgiving and then there are boxes of Christmas decorations in the living room. This is one of the reasons why I didn’t want to schedule an interview for the day after Thanksgiving because I was hoping to get caught up on cleaning. After another long interview, cleaning just wasn’t going to happen. Yesterday in all ended up being a very long day. We picked out a Christmas tree in the morning then headed to my interview where my in-laws met us and picked up my husband so they could enjoy their own Thanksgiving together. Obviously I would have gone as well if I didn’t have the interview. Plus since we were already semi-close to my parents house we ended up stopping by and going through boxes. I am very glad that we did because we made good progress on more things to donate or throw away. Honestly it’s embarrassing how much stuff we have. Mostly because I was so busy in school and then we were moving around so much afterwards that we never had time to go through anything and wound up just accumulating more stuff over the last 5 years. The only problem now is that we don’t have room for everything at our apartment so we have to continue making trips home and then bringing stuff back to our place in stages. So now we need to get the extra boxes out of our place by donating them because otherwise they are just sitting here taking up space and causing me stress every time I see them. So between the boxes, the interview, and seeing my in-laws; yesterday was a long day. The interview went well though so that’s good. However, so far I’ve found more places offering free mentorships than actual jobs. Don’t get me wrong I’d love a good mentorship but I also have student loans to pay. I just keep hoping all this running around will eventually be worth it. Luckily, I now have almost a week off until my next shift and then I’ll be flying off to my training session. I know it doesn’t always feel like it but at least I am continuing to move forward.


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