Spread too Thin

I have been feeling very anxious lately because things finally seem to be working out. The problem is, everything is working out at the same time. Plus, I’m just waiting for things to fall through again. I still have my part time job and I will also be going to a week long training program soon. I have continued to go on interviews and might have even found a place that will help me finish my requirements for further certification. Also I may be able to start volunteering to help strengthen other skills. I’m having a hard time fitting everything in though. The volunteer place would help me fulfill my long term career goals but every time they seem like they’re ready for me, I then never hear back from them for months and we end up starting all over. Obviously I want to make it work for my career but I can’t trust them enough to back out on any of my other options. Hopefully things will work themselves out but until then it has left me feeling quite anxious. I just don’t want to commit to too many things just to find out I can’t do them all at once.


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