Just a Woman

It really upsets me how much respect my dad has for my brother and not for me. He calls him doc and speaks with him as you would a peer. Meanwhile with me he is constantly attempting to correct me and doesn’t believe I could possibly be right until he looks it up on the internet. He is constantly trying to undermine me and he will do this in front of others as well. He also tries to tell me interesting facts he’s learned about my field as if it would be beneficial for me to know too. The thing is I already know these things, um it’s kind of why I went to school. Why he thinks I wouldn’t know key facts about my own profession is beyond disrespectful to me. Thanks I guess, but you’re not teaching me anything I don’t already know. As I’ve mentioned in my post Housewife, he has always been very open about me not working and only working part time if I really insist on getting a job. The sad thing is I still try to impress him but obviously it’s useless. I am but only a female in his man dominant mind. I just wish he would respect me more, even if that respect came in the form of keeping his mouth shut.


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