Taking Control of my Mental Wellness

I have been very pleased with my weight loss lately. Ever since I started taking care of my mental health I have been losing weight more consistently, even with decreased exercise. Probably because I am just moving around more in general instead of feeling stuck on the couch due to my depression. Also I’m not doing as much emotional eating, which has been a huge problem for me. I tend to gain weight in anticipation of family events, and I realize it, but often I don’t know what to do instead to feel better. I have been trying to limit my contact with them lately which has been a huge help. The weekly, or sometimes even daily, contact from them was adding too much unnecessary stress in my life. It’s all baby steps but hopefully this will be just one more reason to keep up with my mental wellness. It’s amazing how much control it has had over my life. The effects have been far more numerous than I realized. Now that I’ve been taking more control to get healthy, I wonder why on earth I allowed it to get this far.


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