Tired of Driving

Yesterday I was feeling incredibly exhausted. Between working on Saturday and then driving two hours to have dinner with my family just to have to drive back home that night so I could do it all over again on Sunday then having an interview most of the day yesterday. It was just all too much. I was thinking with my family stuff this weekend that I’m glad I’m not really working much because I can’t imagine how draining that would be. Then I stopped and realized that I shouldn’t let them be that draining and if I was working more then they would just have to get over the fact that I can’t spend the entire weekend with them. I am still desperately trying to learn how to set healthy boundaries. I want to say this weekend was different, and it was because it was my brothers birthday and he’s moving away, but honestly it’s always something. Besides it’s not like they come see me for my birthday or did a big good-bye when I moved away. I need to learn how much is okay and how much of myself, my time and energy I am willing to give. And if I do start working more again then I need to get stronger at saying no sometimes. One day was enough but driving back and forth two days in a row, I am feeling it now. Luckily I was able to sleep in today and relax.


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