Family Weekend Part 1

Well the weekend with my family is over. Saturday actually went pretty well. Often times the stress of what might go wrong is worse than the actual event, however, when things do go bad they go very very bad. The biggest annoyance was the fact that they finalized the plans the day off. Um hello? You do remember that we live two hours away. Of course everyone then seemed puzzled, you mean you’re not staying down here tonight? Well seeing that we don’t live here and we have dogs, I’m going to go with no. We ended up having dinner and playing games so that was fun. I absolutely love games. It was also great because before the party we were able to stop by my parents house to pick up boxes. When we moved to our new city we had to downsize so we left a lot of boxes at my parents house. Most of which we just need to sort through and give away but we just haven’t had the time to do so yet. We still have a long way to go but it felt great to get started on this project. Having our stuff there has given me great anxiety and lack of independence. I still feel ties and connections to them that I am wanting to distance. I knew from the start that leaving our stuff there was going to be a problem but at the time we didn’t have a lot of other options due to finances. When we asked if it was okay to keep our stuff there my parents would make comments such as only if you come and visit us more. Joking comments that they actually mean. Just more guilt and obligations that are causing me to feel troubled. I can’t wait until we take care of all of it but at least we finished a chunk.

To hear how Sunday went please read my next blog Family Weekend Part 2.


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