Living Apart?

I had another phone interview and I felt it went well. They invited me for a working interview so that’s a good sign. I just hate how far away it is. I would have to live apart from my husband for four days of the week. At least it’s not too far of a drive so we’d be spending the other three days together but obviously I would prefer to live with my husband everyday. I plan on going to the interview to at least check it out though; because at this point if it’s a great opportunity I can’t really say no. Maybe one day when we both get experience we can find jobs in the same city but right now we just need some experience. I love him so much and would really miss him so we’ll have to see if it’s even worth it for us, especially since we barely spent any time together while I was in school for the first four years of our marriage. Also I’m not sure what we’d do about the dogs. My thought is they’d stay with him but I just cannot imagine coming home to an empty house, it would truly break my heart. I just love them so much and want to spend as much time as possible with them. My husband thinks they’d live with me but we’ll have to see where I’d be living. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, we need to see if the job even works out because lately it seems that nothing has been. At least it’s giving me some hope as well as something to think and dream about.


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