Emotional Blackmail

I am so sick of the emotional blackmail, or whatever you want to call it, that my family puts me though. I got off the phone today with my mom and immediately felt the need for therapy. At my sister-in-law’s baby shower the other day I was talking to my family about what has been going on with me and work. So on the phone my mom was trying to ask me about it because she claims that when I was telling everyone she “didn’t catch it.” But the thing is I know she heard me but instead wants more specific details. I brushed off her questions and explained that it’s only temporary and basically less than part time but she didn’t accept that answer. I kept saying that it’s nothing and you don’t need to know more but again that wasn’t good enough. She then said that she hasn’t told my dad anything yet because she wasn’t sure what to tell him. I replied with okay so? She then continued with well when you see him next weekend I don’t want him to find out and be mad that I didn’t tell him anything. So basically what I got from that comment is that she is just using their dysfunctional marriage and my dad’s proven temper to make me talk to her. I don’t appreciate her making me feel guilty for not telling her in greater detail what I’m doing so that she doesn’t get in trouble with my dad. Of course I ended up telling her anyway; thinking it’ll just be faster to get this over with but it wasn’t. She then proceeded to ask incredibly detailed questions that were almost comical if they weren’t so upsetting. It completely ruined my entire day and my husband’s evening. I need therapy now, that’s for sure. It’s always hard because on the surface their inquiries seem completely normal; a parent interested in their child’s life. But with them it turns into anything but normal. I am also sick and tired of being “recorded” as she writes down the details of our phone conversations to better remember when she shares with everyone. This is one of the many reasons why I was dreading the baby shower, it just opens opportunities for my family. Want to know what the best part is? I get to spend another weekend with them for my brother’s going away party. Hopefully this time it will end better but I know it won’t because my dad will be there as well.


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