Delaying the Vet

I really need to take my dogs into the vet. With all of our moving it kept getting pushed back. Plus now we’re in a new city and I’m not sure where I should take them. I loved our last vet and they need a lot of things done so I want to take them somewhere great. I need to ask some friends for a recommendation. I’m sure anywhere will be just fine but I also know it’s going to be expensive, especially since they both need dental work. I always worry when they go under anesthesia. I know it’s a small risk but still. I just love them so much that I want them to be safe but I also need to just get them in. I don’t want them to develop any problems and end up in pain. I wish animals could communicate their pain to us but unfortunately they can’t. I just want to get them all checked out so they can be nice and healthy!


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