Impressing at Work

Well I had a fantastic day at work yesterday! It was my first day meeting the coordinator so I was a little nervous. Actually, I’m pretty much always nervous this just added to my normal nervousness. Where I’m working right now I’m the only person of my position at each event. So I don’t have anyone to ask advice or compare myself with to see how I’m doing. The coordinator on the other hand, works with several other people at multiple events which is why I was nervous about my performance since I have the least amount of experience of everyone she works with. At the end of my shift I was very happy because I received praise for my efficiency and they wanted to recommend me for other positions. I was shocked. I felt like getting this praise was the first time I felt someone thought I was good at my job. At my last job I barely had any help so I was often falling behind. Also they were quick to criticize me and never really told me if I was doing well. There were several days when I left in tears. When I said I would be leaving they tried to get me to stay; which came as a complete shock to me. I had just assumed they didn’t want to go through the hiring process again, not that they really cared about me staying. So I really needed the praise about my capabilities that I received from my new job. I’ve been wondering if I’ve made a huge mistake and what I’m doing with my life so it felt good to finally be told that I’m good at my job.


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