I am Strong

Often I feel frustrated with my family because whenever my brothers do something it’s a big deal but if I do the exact same thing then whatever. Even in the cases that I do it first. I don’t and have never felt like my family respects me. My brother is moving away and of course they are having a big going away party yet when I moved away nothing. My family would also make such a big deal about my brother being in professional school and how hard it was yet didn’t make the same fuss about my professional program. Instead mine was viewed more as fun or cute. My parents are also constantly helping my brothers out because “they have a wife/family to support” yet when it comes to me the expectation is that my husband should be supporting us. No matter what people say or how they make me feel, I know that I have accomplished a lot in my life and have worked really hard. I know my family will never care but I wish I could impress them. I won’t though because all they want from me is to stay home and care for my family. While that’s great and all, there are plenty of ways to take care of your family. Now days that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to just stay home and not work anymore just because I got married. Honestly I’m not even sure working is the problem for them. Both of my sister-in-laws work and have bachelor’s degrees. I’m sure one of my sister-in-laws makes just as much money as I do, if not more, even though I have a doctorate. I honestly feel like my family is just afraid of strong intelligent women. To them it seems like a bachelor’s degree is great and a perfect way to meet your future husband but anything beyond that is just too much. Even as a child I said I wanted to be some type of doctor but was told that other career choices would be a better choice for me so that I could raise a family. My brothers on the other hand where strongly encouraged to enter professional programs. They will never understand me and I need to learn to just accept that and move on. I knew they’d never support my decision even as a child so I don’t know why I keep hoping things will change. I just need to continue to do what makes me happy and not allow their opinions to hold me back.


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