Cuddle time with my Husband

Last night my husband and I had some wonderfully needed sexy time together. It had been awhile for us, compared to our usual time together. He’s been so stressed at work lately plus he hasn’t been feeling well for the last couple of days. I really didn’t even think it was going to happen for us but he was very sweet about it. Sometimes when I’m with him I wonder how I got to be so lucky. I mean, I’m a complete mess and yet he still wants and chooses to be with me. I can’t believe that someone loves me and all of me. I’m sure there are things about me that bother him but he never tries to change me and loves me for who I am. I am so lucky to be so loved. When he holds me close in his arms, it feels like everything is going to be okay. There is no where in the world I’d rather be and no where I feel safer.


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