To-do List Anxiety

I hate how much I procrastinate, it’s one of the reasons why I go to bed so late and it’s also a big factor in my stress levels. I know I’d feel much better just getting things done and out of the way but the thought of facing my to-do list puts me into an anxiety lock down. I don’t even know if that makes sense. The thing is even when I do finish something I’m the type of person that always feels like more could be done. So I never really feel accomplished. I just feel like nothing I do is enough and there is always so much more to do that really what’s the point. I have recently set up a to-do list calendar to spread out my tasks. This way I know they are getting done and I can stop worrying. It’s been incredibly helpful, however, there are always little random things that pop up that don’t really fit anywhere. These are the type of things that get me off track. I leave space in my day for things like this but for someone like me the idea of unpredictability and more things to do adds anxiety which can cause me to instead lock up and do nothing. I guess that’s why it’s important to work on these issues so hopefully I can continue to be a fulling functioning human instead of crippled by anxiety.


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