Avoiding Politics with Family

My dad loves to send group text messages with article links to me and my brothers. Every time I get them I get so angry. I don’t always have the time to sit here and read all these articles, especially since sometimes he’ll send multiple a day. Plus I almost never agree with my families take on the articles. They tend to be incredibly political and often religious as well. It angers me because everyone in my family assumes that I have the same beliefs as them and if I try to state otherwise then everyone gets mad at me and starts attacking me. Nothing like your entire family ganging up to attack you together, ah reminds me of my childhood. Now days I have learned to just stay silent in these conversations and not even reply, yet he keeps sending them to me. They should know by now that I don’t have the same political beliefs as them seeing that we get into a huge fight whenever they actually do ask for my opinion. I don’t understand why we can’t just agree to disagree. Also why do they feel like there is a clear right and wrong? Whenever I disagree with them, which is often, they always make me out to be stupid and ignorant and if I just understood the facts that they are telling me then clearly I’d come around to their side. I don’t understand and I also don’t see this ever stopping. I used to have my dad’s number blocked when I temporarily cut my family out of my life to focus on school, as explained in my blog The Day my World Stopped. Times like these remind me why and wishing for that peace once again. I know sending articles might seem like a small trivial thing but it’s frustrating when every encounter with them makes me angry and basically forces me to be silent and endure whatever they want and believe.


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