Delayed Dreams

There is a half marathon coming up in about four months that I was really wanting to run. I have never done a half marathon before and it’s in a beautiful scenic part of the country that we’ve never been and I’ve always wanted to visit. So I was hoping to use the trip as vacation time as well. However, since I wasn’t sure what was going on with my job search I have been holding off registering. Lately though, I have been thinking that maybe we should just go for it. Well it turns out it’s the same weekend as a friend’s wedding. I actually love weddings but in this case I would much rather go on the vacation. I guess that’s no longer an option though because when I got married five years ago she traveled a long way to be there. It’s just hard because I used to consider her a great friend but all she does now is lie to me. I just hate pretending that we are closer than we really are. I know this marathon will come again another year so I  guess I can continue to look forward to it, but it’s just going to be a little further in the future than I had hoped.


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