Moving Away

I just found out that my brother will be moving out-of-state. I find myself to be very jealous. I moved away for four years and couldn’t wait to move back home. I love where I’m from and it will always be home, however, I miss the freedom of living far away from family. At this point I live a couple hours from my family so they expect me to make the drive for every family event, no matter how small. Or if they are nearby, they will expect me to be free so they can stop in for a visit last minute. It drives me absolutely crazy. They don’t really take no for an answer  either. Even if I put my foot down they constantly remind me that they are around and want to see me. Who knows maybe we will try to move away again but to a different state than last time. I would just love for us to make decisions because it’s what we want to do not because we feel the need to get away.


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