Out of the Comfort Zone

I have been feeling very lazy this week. I call it lazy but I actually think it’s more of my depression and anxiety taking hold of me. I am very nervous about tomorrow. It is my second time working with this place and it’s probably going to be very busy. My first day was incredibly slow so I really hope I am able to keep up tomorrow. It’s all things I have experience with, however, it’s with new people and at a much faster pace. I’ve been avoiding thinking about it to try and prevent panic. Also I try to keep myself distracted. Distraction is my coping mechanism for anxiety but unfortunately  it doesn’t allow me to get much done. I’m not very good at focusing or completing tasks during these times of borderline panic. I hope things go well and it will be nice to have another day with new experiences. Hopefully the more I put myself out there and step out of my comfort zone the more confident I’ll become in my skills.


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