Small Living

Lately I have been watching a lot more TV, mostly because it blocks noise and helps keep my dog calm. I stated watching home renovation/building shows because I could keep them on without being too distracted. It has been very interesting to see what is out there and how people are living differently, sometimes even minimally. Watching people live in small homes was incredibly eye opening to me. It was something I never even considered or thought was possible but I love the idea of saving money. It is completely opposite of how I was raised. I don’t know if I’m going to do it, but it is nice to see how little you can really live with. We currently live in a one bedroom apartment and my mom is constantly making comments about how she feels so bad for us being cramped in such a small place. Since we live in the city though, I wouldn’t be surprised if our rent payment is about the same as their mortgage. We do have way too much stuff for our place though. It’s because my family always gives us gifts, even when we say we don’t need anything. As I’ve mentioned before it seems like money equals love to them. So I had been giving them ideas for things we would someday want for our house. Five years later and still no house, just too much stuff. I think down sizing would be liberating. I feel like I have so many things I don’t even want but feel guilty getting rid of because they were gifts. To be fair my parents point out those gifts whenever we do try to give rid of them, guilt trip much? I like the idea of a smaller place because then I wouldn’t have to spend so much money trying to furnish our place or time with upkeep. I am quite happy with the size of our apartment, honestly it’s way more space than we need. Just opening my eyes to different ways of living is very exciting. It seems like my family views a nice large home as a sign of wealth and prosperity but sometimes I just see it as a burden.


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