The Waiting Game

I had previously interviewed at a non-profit, a different one than I am currently working for part time, and I’m feeling pretty depressed that I haven’t heard back from them. She told me not to worry if I don’t hear back right away because she would be gone for a week. So I was relaxed the first week but after that I was hopeful and anxious. Yet nothing, I haven’t heard from them at all. Now we’re in the third week and so far I still haven’t heard from them. I know she told me not to worry so I will try to be patient but the wait is killing me. It just sounded like such a definitive offer but I’m not so sure anymore. Now I’m starting to wonder if I’m ever going to hear from them and it’s too early to follow-up since she told me to be patient. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. I’d still like to know if that’s the case though so I can at least stop stalking my e-mail. Unfortunately this might be the end and I guess it’s time to get back out there with applications. I hate job hunting.


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