Opposites Attract?

Well yesterday was going well until my husband and I stated arguing which really ruined the night. I can’t say for sure but I would imagine that we get into arguments more often than most couples. It’s bound to happen when two people are such opposites. We are not and will never be the type of couple that finishes each others thoughts or sentences. It’s almost a miracle if we’re even on the same page. What helps us get along is that most of the time my husband is so patient and laid back. Of course that isn’t always the case and everyone has their limits. Sometimes he gets in these moods, or perhaps I push him into them I don’t know, where he is just done tolerating me. Let’s be honest, though, I am uptight and a lot to handle so I don’t blame him at all. I just hate when it pushes us apart, I know things will resolve and we will be close again but life is short and I want to enjoy our moments together instead of fighting. Hopefully all we needed was a good night sleep to start fresh again today.


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